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Wood Flooring

Nothing says quality like real wood floors. The warmth, depth of color and texture adds interest and comfort to any room leaving a lasting impression. Carpet Barn offers an extensive line of real wood, simulated wood vinyl, and simulated wood laminate, from some of the top names in the flooring industry.

Engineered Wood Floors Vs Solid Wood
Engineered Wood Floors Vs Solid Wood Floors

Solid Wood

Flooring is available as a solid wood product, usually 3/4″ to 5/8″ in thickness. The color, texture and durability of your new wood flooring can vary significantly, so it it important to understand the qualities of the wood product you choose to install.

A solid wood product is very durable however is more susceptible to the effects of humidity and typically a solid product is not recommended for installations in basements or areas with higher humidity or when moisture is coming thru the floor. For humid, moist areas please talk with one of our specialists about the flooring options best for your situation. In many cases an engineered wood could be a better solution. Other times a simulated product could be a logical choice.

What is Engineered Wood?

As an alternative to solid wood, real wood can be glued to several layers of wood giving the flooring more stability in humid environments (see the top sample in the image above). The only downside to this engineered wood flooring is that depending on the thickness of the top layer you might only get one to two sanding’s out of the flooring.
Note that laminate flooring can look a lot like engineered wood floors however the top surface is not natural wood and the surface cannot be sanded. The same is true for vinyl flooring. While both of these products can look very natural the surface can not be sanded.

For help choosing the right flooring for your application contact Carpet Barn today!

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