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Experience luxury with tile

An incomprehensible sense of luxury and sophistication always accompanies the installation of ceramic & porcelain tiles in your home. Having been used for thousands of years in palaces, civic buildings, and private residences, it remains a material that truly stands out from all the rest. It features some of the most stunning and diverse appearances in the industry while offering extreme durability and functionality for everyday life. It’s just as dependable in kitchens and bathrooms as it is in living rooms and bedrooms, and we’re sure you’ll never regret your choice.

The Carpet Barn has been in business long enough to know that customer satisfaction should always be the highest priority. That’s why our flooring professionals are always on standby at our Waynesville, NC showroom, and ready to serve you, show you around, and answer any questions that come up. We have long served the communities of Waynesville, Sylva, Candler, Asheville, and Arden, and we’d love the honor of serving you as well. Come check out our extensive line of floor coverings, as well as the professional services that help breathe life into those products. We look forward to your visit.

Tile is feasible anywhere

It was once thought that ceramic & porcelain flooring was best reserved for the dampness and moisture of bathrooms, foyers, and kitchens. There’s no doubt, this material definitely passes any test necessary to place them under such circumstances. They can even be used inside shower stalls themselves. However, don’t even stop to think twice about installing them in living rooms, bedrooms, and studies, as they are just as beneficial there.
Ceramic tile flooring in Asheville, NC from The Carpet Barn

Perfect protection against spills, stains, accidents, and more

The great waterproof advantage of this flooring makes it the perfect protection against spills, stains, accidents, and more. Since these things can happen any day, in any room, why not be ready long before they happen? At the same time, ceramic & porcelain are both very dense, hard, and have a great lifespan that can easily reach 50 years with proper care and maintenance.

In order to look their best, these materials are resistant to stains, mildew and mold growth, bacteria growth, and all kinds of dampness and moisture. As such, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who frequently suffers from allergies. With no hidden cracks or crevices for allergens to hide, you’ll breathe easier with these materials in place. You’ll also find it very easy to clean, with only a broom and mop needed for all but the worst of messes.

Reimagine your home

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