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A quick glance into carpet

Some homeowners are completely loyal to carpet alone, while others have never even experienced it for themselves. No matter which group you fall into, you definitely owe it to yourself to give this material another look. Over the years, technological advances and new manufacturing techniques have given the flooring more benefits than ever before. As a result, it will be far more beneficial to more people in areas that have always been important. Stunning good looks, durability and a functional atmosphere can all be yours with this line.

At The Carpet Barn, we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. That means everything we do is aimed at creating an excellent experience for you. We offer high-quality floor coverings at affordable prices, with professional services that are sure to bring that flooring to life. What’s more, we’ve been partnered with Mohawk flooring since 2010, and have extensive knowledge in that product line as well. We offer our services proudly to the communities of Waynesville, Sylva, Candler, Asheville, and Arden, all from our Waynesville, NC showroom location. Please come by and see us to find out how we can assist you.

Carpet makes sense

If you have little ones or elderly family members living in your home, the softness of carpet cannot be stressed enough. Not only does it offer a warm and safe place for tiny hands and knees, but it also creates a much safer environment. These two age groups experience the most amounts of falls, and this flooring can help to prevent that. Thanks to a more stable surface, slipping and falling happen far less, but when they do, there’s not nearly as much chance for serious injury.
Luxury carpet in Waynesville, NC from The Carpet Barn

Carpet helps keep out the noise

That same softness also helps to retain heat, which can be a huge asset in the winter. It acts just like another layer of insulation, and so does the padding you install beneath the flooring. This means less warmth escapes and even your energy bill will notice a difference. It’s also a great noise reducer, creating a serene and peaceful environment for everyone. This is even true between floors, which can be especially useful if your children have bedrooms upstairs.

Carpet flooring should always be installed by a qualified professional installation team. They have all the necessary tools and plenty of experience to make your flooring dreams come true. And you’ll never have to worry about a voided warranty due to DIY installation.

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